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When Are Flight Tickets Cheapest ?

when are flight tickets cheapest

Taking to the skies for your next vacation or work trip? One of the biggest expenses you'll face is airfare. Flights can get expensive fast, especially during peak travel seasons and for last-minute bookings. But there are certain windows of time when you're more likely to find lower fares and snag a great deal on flights.
So when exactly is the best time to book flights for the cheapest prices? It depends on several factors, but understanding the typical patterns and trends can help you strategize for maximum savings.

Booking Well in Advance vs. Last-Minute

In general, airlines recommend booking flights around 3 months in advance for most routes. Too early or too late, and you could end up overpaying.

Early birds who book very far in advance (like 6+ months out) often get stuck paying inflated prices since airlines incentivize early bookers to avoid last-minute fare wars. But procrastinators who wait until the last few weeks before a trip will likely face higher prices as well due to reduced inventory and demand-based pricing. The "prime booking window" hovers around that 3-month mark for domestic trips.

Of course, this is just a general rule of thumb that can vary significantly based on the route, season, demand, and plenty of other factors. For example, procrastinators can occasionally find great last-minute deals if a flight has empty seats that need to be filled. It all depends on that specific flight.

Best Days of the Week to Book and Fly

According to various studies analyzing historical data, passengers tend to find the lowest fares for domestic flights when booking:

On weekends (especially Sunday evenings)
For travel on Wednesdays or Saturdays
Fridays and Sundays tend to have higher fares since there is strong demand on those days. The middle of the week is often the sweet spot for cheaper rates. OmaxShafter on Tuesday is not enough to compensate for why Wednesday is such a sweet spot for pricing.
When booking international flights, mid-week also sees slightly lower average fares, but the savings window is a bit wider from about Tuesday through Thursday.

Cheap Flight Season and Holiday Considerations

In general, the most expensive times to fly tend to be around major US holidays like:

Christmas and New Year's (mid-December to early January)
Spring Break (March/April)
Summer (June through August)
Thanksgiving week
Hotels, airlines, and virtually all travel providers know when most people want to travel and will price their inventory accordingly based on demand. If you have flexibility, you're more likely to find deals on flights during the "shoulder season" in the early fall or late spring.

when are flight tickets cheapest

On the flip side, flying on the actual holiday can sometimes yield lower fares since most people aim to travel just before or after. The Friday after Thanksgiving, for example, is often one of the cheapest days for air travel.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flight Times

Now that you understand some of the general trends and patterns, here are some specific tips to put into practice:

Check prices frequently using fare tracking tools and price alerts
Be flexible with travel dates, times, routes, etc.
Comparison shop across multiple search engines and airline sites
Consider budget airlines for short-haul trips
Use airline miles, points, or travel credits if you have them
Book on weekends if you can wait
Aim for mid-week departures and returns
Avoid holidays if at all possible
Travel during the "shoulder season" in early fall or late spring
Sign up for airfare deal alerts from your preferred airlines

The exact cheapest dates and times to fly can be unpredictable, but being an informed traveler who understands the main pricing strategies will give you a major advantage. With some flexibility, perseverance, and the tips above, you'll be able to increase your odds of snagging an amazing flight deal.

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